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Cycling Tours in Dordogne / Southwestern France

Southwestern France is known as la France profonde, or literally, "deep France." Located far from the coasts and from Paris, the region has experienced long periods of having been forgotten by time and progress. It continues to have an off-the-beaten path feel that appeals to the independent spirit. And it has a beauty that rivals any other region of France.

This is the land of chestnut trees, thick forests, limestone cliffs rising abruptly from the river banks, and fortified, defensive castles constructed by the French and the English on their respective sides of the Dordogne River. This is also the land of fois gras, and some of the best, freshest foods in France.

The Dordogne region's long history is everywhere in evidence: from its medieval villages with their looming castles, to the prehistoric cave dwellings with their 55,000 year old murals. The Dordogne River, long the embattled border between France and England, continues to separate the castles of the once rival nations.

Adjacent to the Dordogne, the Lot region has a different, wilder feel. Dominated by causses (limestone plateaus), this region has very little surface water. Where surface water does exist -- in the form of rivers -- it continues to carve deep canyons into the porous limestone. The result: strange forests of deep-digging trees, white cliffs, mighty canyons watched over by perched medieval villages, caves (many having hosted prehistoric settlements), and underground rivers.

The table below provides an overview of each of the cycling tour itineraries that Diverse Directions offers in southwest France's Dordogne and Lot regions. Click on the itinerary name for details.


checkmark Fortified Castles

checkmark Prehistoric Cave Dwellings & Paintings

checkmark Troglodytic Cliff Dwellings

checkmark Gorgeous Rivers

checkmark Authentic Medieval Villages

checkmark A Number of France's "Most Beautiful Villages"

checkmark Beautiful Landscapes

checkmark Dense Forests

checkmark Geese & Sheep

checkmark 4 - 6 Hours by Train from Paris

Dordogne / SW France Tour Itineraries Overnight Destinations Tour Format Level of Difficulty # Days / Nights Adult / Child Price
Wine, Castles, & Cave Paintings St. Emilion, Bergerac, Limeuil, Montignac, & Sarlat Circuit Moderately Challenging to Challenging 7 / 8 $1025 / $475
The Magical Lot Sarlat, Creysse, St Céré, Rocamadour, & Figeac Circuit Moderately Challenging to Challenging 6 / 7 $975 / $450
Pilgrims, Castles, & Cave Art Sarlat, Rocamadour, Dordogne Valley, Limeuil, & Montignac Circuit Easy to Moderately Challenging 6 / 7 $895 / $400
Black Périgord Circuit Tour Sarlat, Dordogne Valley, Limeuil, & Montignac Circuit Easy to Moderately Challenging 5 / 6 $775 / $350
Castles in the Cradle of Mankind Sarlat & Montignac Hub & Spoke Easy to Challenging 7 / 8
6 / 7
5 / 6
4 / 5
$600 / $325
$575 / $300
$550 / $275
$525 / $250
Black Périgord Hub & Spoke Sarlat Hub & Spoke Easy to Challenging 6 / 7
5 / 6
4 / 5
$435 / $250
$400 / $225
$365 / $200

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