Diverse Directions: Self-Guided Cycling Tours in France

Which Bike Tour is Right for You?


France is a modern, dynamic country that proudly preserves its culture, history, and traditions. Wherever you venture in France, you'll find exquisitely preserved medieval villages, beautiful landscapes, and that renowned French commitment to the art of enjoying life.

The French joie de vivre means first and foremost a respect for the life-giving land that yields a bounty of raw materials for fine food and wine. This is one of the reasons why it is difficult to find an unsatisfying meal in France. Every region of France has a beauty all its own, but regardless of the region, you will see evidence of this commitment to preserving a rich past and incorporating celebrated traditions into the modern culture.

On the pages that follow we will introduce you to the three different regions in which Diverse Directions offers cycling tours, as well as a listing of the tours offered in each region.

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