Diverse Directions: Self-Guided Cycling Tours in France

Accommodation Options for your Cycling Tour

photoDiverse Directions offers the maximum in options for your overnight accommodations. From simple and clean 2-star economy inns to 4-star luxury hotels loaded with amenities to charming Bed & Breakfasts, we have selected the best-in-class of each category, based on the accommodation's value for price, charm, amenities, comfort, and location (almost always in the overnight destination's historic center.)

In addition, each accommodation owner must demonstrate a capacity to meet the special needs of bicycle tourists. As such, you can expect a friendly reception when appearing in your biking clothes, and you can be assured of having a secure place to park your bicycle overnight.

Unlike most tour companies Diverse Directions does not limit your options to a single category of accommodation. You may choose any combination of hotel categories, leaving you free to splurge some nights, while economizing on others. For this reason, Diverse Directions does not bundle the cost of accommodations into the tour's price, as do most tour companies, Instead, you pay each hotel as you would had you booked your accommodations independently.

photoOnce you have determined the tour itinerary you wish to purchase, we'll be happy to email you a list of recommended accommodations. We provide a clickable link to each accommodation's website so that you can obtain complete details before making your selections.

Whichever hotels you choose, we're confident you'll be utterly charmed by the warmth and hospitality of these gracious, locally-owned establishments often steeped in centuries of history but possessing as well all the conveniences of home.

The following table provides a general description and average price range (per night) for the various categories of French hotels. Prices are stated in Euros and in the equivalent amount of US dollars, assuming an exchange rate of 1 Euro = $1.15. To convert to your own currency and for the most current exchange rates, see Currency Converter.

Category Description Price Range (Per Room)
2-Star Choice of most Europeans; typically offers TV, telephone, and most of the simple creature comforts. Private bath is standard. Sometimes includes air conditioning and/or pool. These hotels are often the most charming.   55 - 90 €
$63 - $104
3-Star Most of the amenities of American hotels, but often delivered with a greater sense of warmth & style. Private bath is standard. Often includes air conditioning. Often includes pool      90 - 150 €
$104 - $173
4-Star Focus is on luxury with many amenities. Air conditioning is standard. Typically includes pool.   175 - 450 €+
$201 - $518+

You'll be delighted by the quality of the restaurants found in many of our hotels. In some cases, you may purchase a meal plan (demi-pension) with your accommodations. The demi-pension package includes the cost of breakfast, dinner, and your hotel room for an economical price. Dinners at your hotel will be of the gourmet variety, consisting of three to five courses, over which you will be expected to linger lovingly. During certain times of year, some hotels require the purchase of the demi-pension package.

After you selected accommodations for each of your overnight destinations Diverse Directions reserves your accommodations and provides you with copies of your hotel confirmations. If special rates or offers are available for the time of your stay, we will take advantage of these on your behalf.

To obtain an estimate of the total cost of your Diverse Directions tour (tour package + hotels), see our Tour Prices page.