Diverse Directions: Self-Guided Cycling Tours in France

Cycling Tour Prices

To afford you the greatest flexibility with regard to accommodation options Diverse Directions does not bundle the cost of accommodations into the tour package price. Instead, we reserve the hotels or B&Bs of your choice, and you pay the accommodation providers directly while on your tour.

Therefore, when determining the total cost of your Diverse Directions cycling tour you will need to include:

  1. The cost of your bike tour package.
  2. The cost of any additional bike rental days or bike upgrades that you choose.
  3. The cost of your accommodations.
1. Cost of Your Bike Tour Package

Payable to Diverse Directions

2. Cost of Additional Bike Rental Days and Bike Upgrades

Payable to Diverse Directions

The Diverse Directions tour package price includes the cost of our standard bike model for the duration of your tour. You're free to add additional cycling days to your tour if you wish and/or to upgrade to a different bike model (where applicable.) The following table shows the price of our standard bike rental for each region.

Please note that our standard bike models, as well as our upgrade models, vary by region. For details about our standard bike models, upgrade options, and upgrade prices, please click the hyperlink below for the region in which you will be touring.

Tour Region Per Day $ Bike Upgrade Options & Prices
Provence $30.00 Bike Models in Provence
Loire Valley $30.00 Bike Models in the Loire Valley
Dordogne / SW France $35.00 Bike Models in Dordogne/SW France

3. Cost of Your Accommodations

Payable Directly to Your Hotels During Travel

Since you enjoy the freedom to choose from a number of recommended accommodations based on your preferences and budget, the total cost of your vacation will depend upon your choice of hotels. See our Accommodations page for a description of each category of hotels.

The following is an estimate of the total cost of a standard double room with private bath for the stated number of nights for each category of comfort: 2-stars, 3-stars, or 4-stars. These price estimates are per room, not per person. You are not restricted to a single category of hotels. You may choose any combination of 2-star, 3-star, and 4-star hotels for the various overnight destinations of your tour.

Once you have determined the tour you wish to purchase, we will be happy to email you a list of recommended hotels for that tour with each hotel's website address. With that information you will be able to determine the exact cost of your accommodations.

# Nights 2-Star Hotels 3-Star Hotels 4-Star Hotels
8 560 € = $644 920 € = $1,058 1,600 € = $1,840
6 420 € = $483 690 € = $794 1,200 € = $1,380
4 280 € = $322 460 € = $529 800 €  = $920

The US dollar equivalents shown above are based on an exchange rate of 1 € = US $1.15. To convert prices to a currency other than US dollars, or to convert using the most current rate of exchange, visit the Currency Converter website.