Diverse Directions: Self-Guided Cycling Tours in France

Scheduling Your Bike Tour

Reserve Your Bike Tour as Early as Possible

France hosts more visitors each year than any other country in the world. For this reason it is prudent to reserve your tour as far in advance as possible to ensure the availability of accommodations during the period of your stay.

Moreover, when doing a cycling tour you will want to be near restaurants and services, which is why all of our accommodations are located in the city/town/village centers. Of course, these are the most desirable locations for all visitors, which means they fill the most quickly.

It is advisable to reserve your tour a minimum of 60 days in advance of your tour's start date, though we'll do our best to accommodate you if you cannot provide that much lead time.

To reserve your tour please complete the order form applicable to your tour.

2017 Cycling Tour Season & Blackout Dates

You may schedule your tour to begin on the date of your choosing, with the following caveats:

  • With the exception of our Loire Valley tours, Diverse Directions' tour season extends from April 1 - October 31. The tour season for our Loire Valley tours extends from May 1 - September 30.
  • Tours in Provence may not be scheduled during the Avignon Cultural Festival which takes place each year from July 1 - July 26. During this period all accommodations in or near Avignon's historic center are reserved for festival attendees.
  • For tours in Provence, bike pick-up and return cannot be scheduled for a Sunday. This is only the case for tours in Provence. Bike pick-up and return may be scheduled on any day during our tour season for our tours in the Loire Valley and in Dordogne / Southwest France.

Holidays in France

There are LOTS of public holidays that occur annually in France. Most businesses and shops are closed on French holidays, so you may wish to avoid them when scheduling your tour. If a holiday does occur during your cycling tour, at a minimum you should plan ahead to ensure that you have adequate water and snacks for the day's cycling. And of course you will want to verify that any special sights you wish to visit are going to be open during the holiday. Click here for a list of holidays in France.

Additional Scheduling Considerations

  • To avoid the impact of possible travel delays we ask tour participants to arrive at the tour's starting point at least one day prior to the tour's official start date, which we refer to as DAY 1 in all tour-specific documents and throughout this website. No activities are scheduled for your arrival day to ensure that unforeseen travel delays do not negatively impact your tour. Of course, if you're already in Europe and within a reasonable distance of your tour's starting point, this requirement can be waived.
  • You may add days to any of the overnight destinations on your tour. The only additional Diverse Directions cost will be that of your bike rental. Conversely, you may omit rest days if you need to shorten the length of your tour.

Booking your Flight

We highly recommend that you use Paris' Charles de Gaulle as your arrival airport for all of our tours in France. Because there is a high-speed train station located right in the airport terminal, in most cases you can travel directly to your tour's starting point without the need to transfer to a downtown Paris train station. This saves lots of time and energy, particularly if you have just had a long flight.

Of course, if you're planning a visit to Paris before your bike tour, there are several options for getting downtown from Charles de Gaulle, which we will include in your tour materials.